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The 5 Ways You Need To Advertise Your Car

No matter what car you’re trying to sell, you need to make sure that potential buyers are aware of it. Your car needs exposure, and it needs to be easy for buyers to find. Of course, this is why very few car sales take place without some kind of advertising. There are lots of different ways to advertise your car for sale, and we’ve identified the 5 most important ways to let your car be seen by its next owner.

Newspaper ads. Believe it or not, there are plenty of people who still read the paper, especially the classified ads. You can often get the most bang for your buck in the smaller, community publications, so be sure not to count them out when it’s time to sell.

Online ads. As you would expect, this is probably going to be the bread and butter of your advertising effort. The internet is now the first place many people turn when they need to buy a car, so putting an ad for your car on the web is a must. There are sites that host every kind of local classified ad, as well as those that are only for cars, and you would do well to take advantage of both, to take in the widest possible audience.

Word of mouth. No printed advertisement carries quite the same weight as the spoken word. A classified ad is just one of many, but if a buyer hears that someone they know has a personal connection to someone who is selling a car, there’s a good chance that it will move to the top of the priority list. So if it’s time to sell, tell your friends and family and also people at work, at church, on social media, in the neighborhood association, the school PTA – everyone you know. Someone in your circles will know someone who’s looking for a good used car, maybe one just like yours.

On the car itself. Like word of mouth, this is a low-tech method that should nevertheless be remembered. Even something as simple as a dollar sign and a phone number on the rear side window will give you something that no internet ad can – the fact that the potential buyer who calls you has already seen your car in person and is still interested.

Wherever people are. Areas that are public and high-traffic (and where it is specifically allowed) are great places to post an ad for your car. A flyer on a bulletin board at the library, at your nephew’s apartment complex, at the coffee shop, or wherever a lot of eyes will see it, could provide the lead you’re looking for.

The above is by no means an exhaustive list of ways to get the word out about your car. Above all, be creative and do whatever you think might work, and be willing to change or expand your strategy if needed.