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The fuel filler neck is the part on a vehicle between the gas cap and the fuel tank. It may be a rubber hose that clamps to the gas tank, or a metal hose soldered directly to the fuel tank. Fuel filler necks are one of the most used parts on a vehicle. In fact, any time you take off your gas cap and put gas into your vehicle, you are using the gas tank filler neck.

While the fuel tank filler neck and hose are manufactured with quality materials and are meant to be long-lasting. There are many factors that may cause you to need a hose or fuel neck filler replacement. Depending on where you live, places with inclement weather or rough driving conditions may cause the hose and filler neck to have corrosion or rust in certain spots. Even with normal conditions, everyday use can eventually cause cracks or holes in the neck. If this occurs, a leaking fuel tank filler neck could affect your vehicles overall performance or even be a fire hazard.

We offer high quality aftermarket options for those who do not wish to pay the high cost of an OEM fuel filler neck replacement.