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Your car’s engine runs around 195-220 degrees Fahrenheit. I don’t know about you, but if I was running at that temperature I would need a fan, or at the very least some fluids. Well believe it or not, your car feels the same way. Fluid circulates through the radiator of a car and the engine. A leak in the radiator will cause the fluid to leak and can cause overheating. Because of our low prices, the cost of replacing a radiator is cheaper than the cost of radiator repair in most cases. As the fluid runs through the engine, the radiator fan assembly blows outside air through the radiator cooling the fluid which in turn cools the engine.

So, what happens when your radiator fan stops working? The radiator fan not working can also cause the vehicle to overheat because the fluid running through the system is not being cooled. How much is a radiator fan? You may be surprised at how little it costs to replace the fan and radiator fan shroud kit. The fluid, which is called coolant, is stored in your car’s coolant reservoir tank. If your coolant reservoir tank cracked, then it can cause the coolant to leak out resulting in overheating as well. If you let your car overheat, it can be very harmful to the vehicle’s engine. If you realize your car is overheating, you should not continue to drive until it is repaired. The damages of an overheating engine can range from minor to irreparable.

A car air conditioning condenser works the same way as the radiator, but it is cooling your refrigerant and not your vehicles coolant. Car refrigerant is what your car uses to keep your AC cold. We keep the car condenser replacement cost low by providing you with a quality condenser at a low cost. The air conditioner condenser fan blows through the condenser to cool the refrigerant. Keep the heat out and do it cheap by getting a replacement condenser fan motor through Everyday Auto Parts.