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Dealer Trade-in or Private Sale?

Deciding to finally part with your car can feel like the end of a journey, but in a way, it’s just the beginning of another. The process of selling is an adventure in itself, especially if you decide to sell it on your own. So which one are you: a trader or a seller?

How to Make Your Old Car Feel New On a Budget

The average age of cars on the road in America has been steadily increasing for years. There’s a lot of talk about why that is, but it means that there’s a good chance that your car is getting on in years and probably showing its age a little. It’s a great little car, and you’d like to keep it for as long as possible, but it feels a little tired. If that describes your situation, there’s good news: we’ve got some helpful tips for you on how to make your old car feel new again (or at least pretty close) without spending a ton of money.

5 Important Steps For Tackling Your First Repair Job

Nervous about performing repairs on your car? You’re not alone – it’s natural to worry when you’re just getting your feet wet in the world of auto repair. Here are some helpful tips and advice that are important for every repair, but especially for your first.

Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Car on the Road for Less

Once you’ve decided that you and your car are in it for the long haul, you should first be congratulated for your choice, and then you should understand that this will mean keeping certain things in mind in order to not regret your choice later on.

Where Are We Going?

First and foremost - welcome to the DrivewayDIY blog! We're glad you are joining us on the journey. The word "journey" begs the question, "Where are we going?" Seems best to tackle that up front, here and now.