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Just like you, your car needs oxygen to survive. We are here to provide you with quality air intake parts at great prices to help both you and your car breathe easy. The air box in car, filters dust and other particles in the air the same way cilia does for human beings. 

Is your air intake hose cracked? Believe it or not, replacing your air cleaner intake hose is often less expensive than an air intake hose repair. Your engine air intake hose is as important to your car, as the trachea (windpipe) is to your body. The mass air flow meter, which contains the mass air flow sensor, sends information to your vehicle's computer telling it how much fuel to mix with the oxygen. 

Many people assume installing cold air intake kits will automatically improve the performance of their vehicle. This is not always the case. In fact, the stock air intakes for cars were designed and configured by engineers for best performance and gas mileage for that specific vehicle. It can take hundreds of dollars in modifications to your vehicle’s programming for cold air intake systems to offer just a small performance upgrade. With the amount of money it would cost in parts and programming, compared to the performance upgrade, it may be more viable to stick to the stock air intake system. So, you and your car take a deep breath, and save money on a quality OE style aftermarket replacement.